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Hammerhead Offroad Warranty

Steele’s Powersports, ("Dealer") warrants its parts ("Hammerhead go-karts") against all defects in materials and workmanship for 6 months, (180 days) on defective parts and 3 months (90 days) on labor, and 1 year (365 days) on the frame from the date of purchase subject only to the following conditions and exclusions:

This Limited Warranty applies only to:

A. The original purchaser and shall not apply to any subsequent owner, assignee, or other recipient of the buggy from the original purchaser.

  • Frame: 1 year
  • Engine: 180 days
  • Carburetor: 90 days
  • Muffler: 90 days
  • A-arms, spindles, axles: 90 days
  • Electronics: 90 days
  • Speakers: 90 days
  • Speedometer: 90 days
  • Tires & wheels: 90 days
  • Fenders: 30 days
  • Brakes: 30 days
  • Clutch: 30 days
  • Seats: 30 days

B. Vehicles purchased:

  • Directly from a Steele’s Powersports location or;
  • From a Hammerhead authorized dealer thereof.

C. Steele’s Powersports will not cover parts, (or reserve the right to at our discretion that:

  • Have been altered or modified in any way;
  • Normal Wear items (Listed below);
  • Any part that has been abused by driving in an unsafe manner.

Any claim against this Limited Warranty shall in no way be construed as extending warranty coverage beyond the original period that commenced upon date of purchase.

Purchaser holds the Dealer harmless for any consequent injury, loss, or damage resulting from:

          A. Defect or malfunction of the Product;

          B. Acts of God;

          C. Purchaser misuse, unreasonable use, tampering, abuse, acts of omission, failures to exercise due diligence, or                      negligence;

          D. Alterations to the Product by any person or entity other than Steele’s Powersports or an Authorized Hammerhead            dealer.

This Limited Warranty shall NOT apply in cases where:

A. The Purchaser has failed to properly care for the Product and/or exercise due diligence in ensuring that all critical nuts, bolts, screws, and other fasteners are both present and properly tightened prior to each use of the Product. Check “Service Manual” for common maintenance procedures.

B. Parts have been damaged due to excessive force, or failure to follow reasonable mechanical standards, which will be described to purchaser at time of purchase and is in the manual.

C. The Purchaser has failed to properly maintain the Product in accordance with the directions contained in the Owner's Manual provided by Manufacturer, including but not limited to damage incurred due to insufficient engine/transmission oil and/or coolant.

D. The Purchaser has failed to properly break-in the engine, or the Purchaser has abused or neglected the Product in any way.

E. The Purchaser has modified the Product in any respect including but not limited to the use of parts other than genuine Hammerhead parts, which void the warranty in its entirety.

F. Hammerhead Off-Road reserves the right to change product specifications, designs, and standard equipment without notice and without incurring obligation. These vehicles are not designed or manufactured for racing or use on rental tracks, public streets, public roads, highways, paved surfaces, or right-of-ways. Always wear an approved helmet and eye protection when riding. Always secure loose clothing and long hair. Always utilize seatbelts. Please read the operators manual before usage and go over the Buyer Safety Agreement.

Parts such as these but not limited to, are normal wear items and are not covered under warranty :

  • Batteries
  • Bikini tops
  • Drive chains & sprockets
  • Fasteners
  • Filters, Spark plug, Fluid and Fasteners
  • Lights and Turn signals
  • Oil changes
  • Air filters
  • Throttle and brake cables
    • These warranties set forth herein are in lieu of any and all other warranties, expressed or implied, including the warranties of merchantability or fitness for specific purpose. Any implied warranty imposed by state consumer law is limited in duration to 6 months from date of purchase.
    • Purchaser represents and agrees that any claims which it may assert against Dealer shall be limited to those which may be asserted under the foregoing limited warranty.
    • This warranty is offered exclusively by Steele’s Powersports. By making a purchase with our company, Purchaser agrees that he/she has read, accepts, and agrees to this Limited Warranty and its terms.

How to file a warranty/Service claim:

Call 765-541-1305 or 765-914-7563

You will need to bring the kart to us at your expense for repair.

Final Statement:

With all this being said, Steele’s Powersports promises to do everything in their power to make you, the customer, happy! (Within reason). We sell a quality product that we stand behind 100% and we will be here for you if or when you need us!